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Russian born, Luba Sterlikova currently resides in the US and is known to the artistic community as LUBA.

Both Russian and American influences can be detected in her work, as the Eastern vivid colors blend symbiotically with more Western shapes and structure.

Her work is often compared to that of American icon Georgia O’Keefe, but Luba’s passionate approach is undeniably her own.

Keshav Malik, Indian art critic, called Luba’s work ’a juicy genre, as rich as Keats, the poet’s fruity poems.’

The artist’s interest goes beyond stylizing natural forms. Rather, Luba explores shape and color to evoke in each composition an expression that is both provocative and poignant. Characterized as

intense and exotic, Luba’s floral compositions strike a balance between the bold and the graceful; they are simultaneously intense and delicate.

Luba’s work has been referred to as provocative and sexually charged,

although she prefers to call it romantic.

Her now famous floral impressionism series, is complimented by still life images of fruit and vegetables such as plums, apricots, eggplant and squash, produced in the same stylized manner as the sybaritic botanical subjects. In a controversial incident, she was asked to remove some of her sensually-themed works from a major corporation for fear of sexual harassment lawsuits. The episode only served to render Luba’s work more collectible and much in demand.

She uses oil pastel, a medium not widely explored by the artists, charcoal and oil.

Luba is active on the Washington, DC art scene, and for many years has been involved with International Artist Support Group (IASG) and WPA/Corcoran, Washington,DC,USA.

She has been exhibited internationally, including USA, China, France, India, United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt and Russia.

Since 2004, Sterlikova is associate academician of Academia Internazionale "GRECI-MARINO", Italy. The same year she became a member of International Federation of Artists & National Artist's Union of Russia. Ms. Sterlikova is a member of L’Association Pour la Promotion des Artistes et des Createurs, Paris, France and Oil Pastel Society, USA, and Moscow Artist Union, Russia.


Luba is a founding member of the Inspired by Russia art project.


Luba's art is in the art collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, USA;The Bakhrushin Museum,Russia; The National Muzeum of the Republic of Kaszakhstan; The National Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia, the Art Museum of Khanty-Mansijsk, Russia, and the National Library of Russia, as well as in private collections in the USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Russia.


Participated in more than 80 solo and group shows.
Major exhibits include:


March 16 - April 16, 2017, 'Genetic Code of the Universe', The  National Museum of  the Rupublic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan

October 6 - November 6,  2016- 'Posters Come Alive',The Bakhrushin Museum of Theatrical Arts, Moscow, Russia

September 30-October 8,  2015 - 'DNA of the Universe', National Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia

October 8-28 , 2014 - 'DNA of the Universe'. International University Museum, Moscow, Russia

July 10-August 3, 2014 -  'Multidimensions', National Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscow, Russia

July 16- August 25, 2013 -  Inspired by Russia art project, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia

November 6-22, 2012 - Anniversary Exhibit of the Moscow Artist Union, Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

June 19-29, 2012 - Moscow Artist Union-80, Manezh Exhibiting Hall, Moscow, Russia

March  9-31, 2012, 'Women in the Arts 2012', Museum of Americas, Miami, Florida

December 7,2011 -January 17,2012 - Innergism, solo art exhibit, Parish gallery, Washington, DC, USA Opening -December 7, 6-8 p.m.   

October 21- November 20, 2011 - Inspired by Russia art project: '7+, State Art Museum, Hanty-Mansijsk, Russia

December 7,2011 -January 17,2012 - Innergism, solo art exhibit, Parish gallery, Washington, DC, USA Opening -December 7, 6-8 p.m.   

November 9-24,2010 - Figurative Works, New End Gallery, London, UK

November 12-14,2010 - Windsor Art Fair, London, UK  2010, September 16-22, Inspired by Russia Art Project : Lost & Found, Pushkin House, London, UK

2010, September 6-November 20 –The First Moscow Festival of Theater and Entertainment Posters, Moscow, Russia

2010, June 9-12, Russian, Eastern and Oriental Fine Arts Fair, London, UK, catalogue

2010, April 9 -June 30, Spring Exhibit, Art of Russia gallery, Santa FE, NM, USA

'2010,January 22-29 - Moscow Posters' collective exhibit, Moscow Artist Union Exhibit Hall, Moscow, Russia

2009 -November 16 - 27 , 2009 - , 'Inspired by Russia art project. '100 Years of the Russian Seasons', Museum of Emigration, Moscow, Russia. An Art Exhibit of Russian artists from Canada, Finland, France, Russia, USA.

2009 - October 1 - November 1 , 2009 - 'Feminine Essence', solo show, Foundry Gallery, Washington, DC,

2009 -   September 18  - October 4, 2009 - Inspired by Russia art project, Russian Cultural centre, Paris, France. An Art Exhibit of Russian artists from Canada, Finland, France, Russia, USA.

2009 - 'Posters: Artist & Time', collective show of Russian posters, 1917-2009, The State Tretyakov gallery, , Moscow, Russia, catalogue

2009 - Russian Art Fair, London, UK, catalogue

2008 -  Art Manezh, Manezh Exhibiting Hall, Moscow, Russia

2008 -  Inspired by Russia, Embassy of Russia, Washington, DC

2008 - Las Vegas Art expo, USA

2008 - New York Art expo, USA

2008 - Moscow Artist Union Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia

2008 - Foundry gallery, Washington, DC, USA

2007 - Florence Art Biennale, Florence, Italy

2006,2004,2002 - Russian Cultural Center, Washington DC

2006- Nature’s Palette, Agora Gallery, New York

2005 – Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh, UK

2005 – Manchester Art Fair, Manchester, UK

2005 – ‘Sensual Images’, Gallery West-Eleven, London, UK

2005 – l'Association A2PAC show, St Martin, Paris, France

2005 – ‘100 World Artists’, The Pyramid Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, catalogue.

2005 – ‘Form & Colour’, Gallery West-Eleven, London, UK

2004 – ‘100 oeuvres d'artistes expriment le Bonheur’, St Martin, Paris, France, catalogue

2004 - Women Artists Show: Art From the Other Side of the Pacific, Shanghai, China

2004 – Vision Gallery, Washington, DC

2004 – ‘Shape & Color’, APEX Gallery, Washington, DC

2004,2001 -  Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai, China

2004 –‘International Women Artists’, The Grand Theater Gallery, Shanghai, China, catalogue

2004  – “Women in the Arts’, Latin American Art Museum, Miami, FL, catalogue

2004, 2003 – ‘ Unseen Eros on Potomac IV’, Washington, DC

2004,2003 -  ‘MOCA Darlings’, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Washington, DC

2003 – ‘IASG for the 300th Anniversary of St.Petersburg’, EGO Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia, catalogue with essay by Ken Oda

2003 – ‘Shanghai Art Fair Gallery Invitational Exhibition’, Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2003 - 24 Salon International Artistique de Haute-Loire, Le Puy-en-Velay, France

2003 – ‘Sensual Images’, The Art and Antique Collectors Gallery, Brunswick, MD

2003 – ‘Love & Eroticism’, Khoja Gallery, Arlington, VA

2002 – ‘IASG in China’, Tsinghua University Art Center, Beijing, China, catalogue

2002 – ‘Luminous palette’, Russian Cultural Center, Washington, DC

2002 –‘Bella Femmina’,  Sabine Rose Gallery, Doylstown PA

2002,2000,1999 – ‘IASG in India’, Lalit Kala Akademy of Arts, New Delhi, India, catalogue with essay by Keshav Malik

2001 - International Art Fair, Shanghai, China

1998 - Washington Design Center, DC

1998, 1999 – solo shows at, Yellow Barn Gallery, MD



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                                           TV APPEARANCES:

              KazkhTV, March 17,2017

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·         TV-Kultura (Afisha), Russia, July, 2014

     TV-Kultura (Culture), Russia, July, 2013

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